A Cup of Java

April 8, 2018, 10:02 a.m.

I have an ongoing process to update my pages but it is a rather slow one. Usually during normal weeks I manage to squeeze around 5-10 hours to do some coding for my own projects. And that is the best case scenario.

I have these great visions of how I want my blog and page to look like but the image of that is slowly fading out of my mind since the project progresses oh so slowly. And doing that with Spring Boot and Angular is not speeding it. Quite the contrary since I am not really familiar with either of those (getting there though). So why am I using those for it?

Lately I've grown to really like Java for which I am quite surprised. I did not like it at all (and hated Eclipse) when I had to stuff with them for school. Eclipse felt so clunky and outdated and typing Java was so slow compared to typing JavaScript with Atom or VS Code. But for some odd reason I now like to use Eclipse and code with Java.

I suppose it is a good thing since Java is so widely used and it's fast language (like that matters in my projects) and it can be used virtually anywhere (again not something that is that useful for my projects).

But why a blog then? You already have one? Well, yes. Kinda. This one sucks to be honest. There isn't really any kind of formatting and no possibility to add images or whatsoever. So pretty useless. And my page looks outdated as well and I thought that this would be a nice and easy little project to start with. Unfortunately for me it's not quite as simple as thought and because of my godlike ability to focus on one thing at a time I have actually started another project as well. Split the little time I have between two projects and you get nowhere.

Another thing that is really consuming my free time at the moment is school. I decided that I want to graduate by the end of upcoming summer (not by the end of this year like I originally planned) so that means that I have quite a lot of shit to do for school. But it should be doable. And I am going to do that no matter what. Why it matters to me so much? Just because I want to be able to say that I got my bachelors degree in year and a half. Finally I have something to boast about. Just kidding. I just want to be done with school as fast as possible so I can focus on other things and finally have some free time again. I want to play games and I want to have more time for coding outside of work.

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