How do you like them apples?

Oct. 25, 2018, 9:29 p.m.

I've been quite busy with work during this week so only progress I've made with Makro is only a couple typo fixes, one bug fix and I created a new service for getting likes instead it being inside qaService since user can now vote on meals shared by other users. And while typing that I realized that that is actually a new feature I have developed since my last blog post.

So I made it possible to vote on meals shared by others users. That's about it. Implementation of it was fast and easy since the functionality was pretty much there because of QA section. While I did that I also did some changes on profile page. I moved the likes from QA section to it's own section since it's not tied to it anymore.

Another change that I have made recently was a switch from PC to Mac. I was not really planning to do that but since I don't really have time to play games (or I have a bit more of my own time these days but at the moment I'd rather spent it on programming) so I decided to sell my GPU. At first I was planning to sell the whole PC but decided against it because I could still keep using it for my coding. Unfortunately for some reason the PC in question stopped working after removing the GPU (second time) and after few hours of swearing and sweating I decided to abandon it completely. At least for now. Now I got my Mac plugged into my lovely screen (Dell U3415W) and I'm still using my mechanical keyboard. I just had to reorder some of the keys for it to function a bit better with Mac.

A great part of this week has been spent on learning/doing backend development with Java and Spring Boot combination. My colleague is sort of mentoring me which is great. Finally I've gained a bit more understanding on Java/SB. I'm still quite far away being fluent, so to speak, with it but I'm getting better every day.