About Me

Me in a nutshell


I was born in November of 1986. I found computers about 10 years later which eventually lead me to work as IT support for few years. After the aforementioned few years I got bored of it and applied to school to get my bachelor's degree.

I graduated in June of 2018 from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences with a bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology.

For my own projects I use MEAN-stack combined with Docker and at the moment my spare time is spent on developing Makro.


Software Engineer (3/2018 ->)

I have worked as a frontend dev for two different projects using Angular 4 so far.

Technologies used so far: Angular 4, Docker, Jasmine, Spring Boot, Git


Systems specialist (11/2017 - 02/2018)

Sort of a devops job. I did some minor work with dev/test databases (Oracle), set up Tomcat servers and debugging if we had problems with web app. Even though I liked the job I wasn't long here since I got offered a job at Eficode doing what I really wanted to do: programming.

Valtori, Ilmatieteen laitos

ICT Specialist, Analyst (05/2012 - 10/2017)

I worked as a IT support for Ilmatieteen laitos (Finnish Meteorological Institute) and provided support for Windows 7/10, macOS and Linux computers, mobile phones and tablets. While I worked for Ilmatieteen laitos I was responsible for ICT related purchases as well.