To the back burner and beyond it!

Makro has been my main focus more or less for a couple of years now. Lately, I’ve been rather busy with it with the switch from Node+Mongo to ASP.NET Core/PostgreSQL. When I decided to chop off some features I have been quite hesitant on adding new ones. I don’t want to clutter it again. That, in turn, has lead me to not having stuff to do with it. Now it’s time to move Makro to the back burner and focus on something else.

I got a suggestion from a friend for a new project but since I didn’t really get more information about it I haven’t started working on that. Instead, I got an idea of my own.

Of course I am going to do it with the same tech stack as Makro is now.

I did start it already but for some reason, I haven’t been that productive. I am quite reluctant on starting to work on it and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe I’m a bit exhausted after re-doing Makro? I don’t know.

Anyways I do not want to force myself to work on it because after all this is my hobby and I don’t want to push myself to a situation where I feel forced to do something or I’m not enjoying it anymore. Instead, I focus on other things and lately that has been playing Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

I’m positive that eventually I’ll get more excited and start programming more again during my free time. Now I’ll just enjoy having the possibility of playing games without feeling guilty about not coding.


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