Let’s play!

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve been gaming a little. Before that, the last time I played any games was during last August and then it was the infamous World of Warcraft. I just had to try out the latest expansion. Got to admit: I was pretty serious of getting back into it but as soon as I hit the max level my interest in that game died completely. I just couldn’t see myself participating in the end game at all. Mainly because I would have had to commit to other people instead of committing just to the game. But I digress.

I started Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor about 4 years ago (time really does fly by) and I remember liking it instantly. I had a blast killing Uruks and leveling up Talion. But for some reason, I stopped playing it before I even got that far. Fast-forward to the beginning of this month and I found myself playing it again. I even continued from my old save. I had completed around 11% of the game so it wasn’t that big of a stretch. Nevertheless, I had no idea of the story since there was such a big gap between my two play sessions and to be honest, I did not even pay attention to the story back then.

Still, I’ve had some great fun with the game so far and I’ve kinda found again the same enthusiasm for gaming that I had before I started programming. I’d be lying, though, if I’d say that I don’t still struggle with feeling bad when playing games instead of programming. So I’m trying to find a balance between those two. Lately, I haven’t been successful at it. Most of the free time I’ve had was spent gaming. In my defense, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks so I haven’t really had the energy to do coding beyond my work. And I would argue that it’s good to relax once in a while.

At the moment I’m about 70% done with the game which kinda makes me feel sad because it will be over soon. Although I did find out that there’s a new Middle-Earth game so I might pick that up. Even though the game is far from the best and I have no idea of the story it’s been a suitable game to my situation where there might be a long time between gaming sessions. Compare that to the likes of The Witcher 3 which has a great story (so I’ve heard) and is a huge game which just makes me feel that I do not progress at all and I’d probably forget the story anyways between gaming sessions. So most of my time would be spent trying to remember where I left off and what I was supposed to do. But games like this are perfect for me. Now I just got to find more of these.


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