My experience with DigitalOcean droplet

It’s no secret that I have been using DigitalOcean for quite some time now. Like many others, I started with AWS since the first year was free. But I didn’t use it for a year, though. I can’t actually pinpoint the moment I switched to DigitalOcean but I do remember the reason being that it was (and still is for my needs) a lot cheaper than AWS.

By now, I have used the basic droplet from DigitalOcean for at least a year, maybe a year and a half. Actually, I did upgrade the droplet to have a bigger disk and maybe another vCPU or more memory. Not sure about those two but the disk was definitely bigger. I think that I chose to have two vCPUs since I was even a bigger noob back then and thought that I’d need that when I have multiple websites running at the same time (with approximately zero users). What a fool I was.

Yeah, that’s just me.

But lately, I have been having problems with it. Well, not really with the droplet but more with not having enough memory for all my stuff. The basic droplet which I use that costs $5 (actually looking at the invoice, it seems to be $6 because I have enabled backups and on top of that the tax is $1.44) per month does have 1 GB of RAM and 1 vCPU. Pretty sweet deal, yet, not ideal. That 1 GB RAM is used pretty fast when you’re running a few apps.

If you run out of memory, you can upgrade your little droplet to have 2 GB of RAM. Here’s the kicker though. Upgrading gets you more RAM, 2 GB to be specific, but the price doubles, too, so you’re going to pay $10 per month now. In my opinion, if you pay double, you should also get double the stuff you got previously but that is not the case here. The RAM is doubled and so is your SSD (if you choose to resize the disk, too, which is irreversible) but you are going to still have 1 vCPU. Sure that is not really that big of a problem since the one vCPU you got is probably not the bottleneck. At least that is the case for me.

The closest thing that offers double the resources (2 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 60 GB SSD) costs triple the initial price. So instead of paying $60 per year you’re going to pay $180 per year and for me that is way too much to pay just to host all my not-so-great projects. The same projects that I do mostly for just to have fun. To learn new stuff. To experiment different technologies.

I ain’t got no money for that.

To be fair, it would probably make sense for me now to upgrade to a droplet that has two vCPUs. I wrote about the problems I encountered when I set up a virus scanner not too long ago if you remember. ClamAV destroyed my droplet so it had to be dropped. Things might be different with having two vCPUs.

Now I’m in a bit of a pickle. I am in desperate need of more resources but I just can’t get myself to double the yearly bill just to have 1 GB of RAM more. Life is way too expensive already as it is. And the most frustrating thing is that I’d have the hardware to host whatever I want at home but I don’t have the bandwidth to that. Eventually, the internet connection I have would be a bottleneck.

Now I got a question for you guys. Where do you host your websites? How much does it cost you? And last but not least, how much bang do you get for your buck?

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