A caveman

I finally caved in and switched to WordPress from a custom site. I have had a (self-hosted) WordPress site once before but after I started learning to program I made a custom site for myself just because everyone just kept saying how important is to have a portfolio site.

I think the last version was like fifth iteration of my portfolio site and to be honest I was quite happy with it. It looked nice and had all the relevant information and Django admin pane was perfectly suitable for my blogging needs.

After a while I realised that I use that site only for blogging. Writing about the stuff going on on my life which was usually programming. And there was some stuff I wanted to change from the site but I never got around doing it ’cause it felt always a bit tedious. A change was needed.

Last night I just spun up a WordPress site inside a Docker container and it took me like 30 minutes total. Super easy and it looks nice enough. And when it comes to writing a blog WordPress beats Django admin pane (and pretty much every other platform) hands down.

And they call me software engineer at work..

Few months ago the thought of having WordPress site instead of a own custom made site felt kinda embarrassing but not anymore. I just don’t have the energy nor time to develop my own site and WordPress suits my needs way better anyway.


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