Lost in translation

I have been sick for the past couple of days so I decided to make the most out of it. I used the time by translating Makro into English. Now just about everything except foods and the changelog is in English as well.

The translations are in JSON-files and the library I used is called ngx-translate. I went for that because I had some experience with it from work. No regrets whatsoever. It works perfectly. Just click on the flag and the language of the UI changes all so smoothly.

It wasn’t hard to do but it sure was laborsome. Going through every piece of code and find HARD CODED STRINGS from HTML and from typescript-files and switch them to designated translation strings. I spent like two whole days working on it. But it was worth it.

So all in all Makro is pretty much usable in English, to say the least. The only thing missing is the foods but most of them are like brand names anyways. I am thinking about setting up a page where my users can add translations for the foods if they feel like it but we’ll see.


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