Have no fear, update is here

Last Friday I had some spare time and did some work on Makro. Nothing major though but rather some small updates. I added a loading spinner component which I then used to indicate the user that something is still loading. I have been planning to do that for a while but for some reason, I hadn’t done that.

Another small thing I added was that the search bar for foods is now focused by default so the user can start typing as soon as the bar is shown to start searching for foods instead of having to click on it first. Small thing but it was kinda a pain in the ass before. One extra click can make a major difference in user experience.

What else? Oh yeah. The about page now displays the total number of registered users and the number of foods in the database.

I also fixed a bug that has been around for a while now. Sometimes when the user tried to share a day they had made it did not work because for some odd reason the component in question did not have the user’s info and username is required when I save it to the database (only to be able to show to the user what has he/she shared previously on profile page). I added a fallback, so to speak, to the back end which will get the username from the JWT that is added to each HTTP-request. Should have done that a long time ago.

The last thing I did was an update to Angular 7 from Angular 6.


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