The beginning of this year has been rather slow regarding programming. To be completely honest I haven’t coded anything at all. I did do Wes Bos’ Advanced React course but that’s it. Why is that the case then?

First of I was on vacation during the first week of this year. The second week of this year I was back at work but I wasn’t assigned to any project so didn’t really have any work to do. So I did the React course.

Beyond that, I’ve been focusing on my book. I have enjoyed writing it a lot. It’s almost “ready” in the sense that the main storyline is almost finished. But of course, there is still a lot to do. At the moment the book is about 300 pages (A5) with the font being Arial and size 12. Line spacing is 1.5. Word count is almost 30 000. I am aiming for 40 000 words because at the moment it does kinda feel a bit short. It’s really hard to estimate how long it actually should be.

I’m hoping to finish it before the end this month. At least to a point where I can try sending it to a publisher and see what they think of it. I don’t have high hopes though. At WSOY, about 0,2% of the manuscripts they receive gets published. Worth a shot though.

I haven’t forgotten Makro completely though. I got a couple of things planned for it which I am going to do as soon as I’m done with the book.


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