Out of memory

It finally happened. My droplet ran out of memory. All I did was add two new microservices and that did it. According to htop I still had around 50mb free RAM, but the databases this site uses crashed and did not want to start again. It wanted more memory.

So I closed my wow-tool and mockup catering site just to get things running again. I’m still trying to survive without having to buy more RAM since it would double the monthly bill which sucks.

Unfortunately the tinymce variant I am using in Makro does not support image uploading which means that I’d have to find an alternative for that if I want my users to be add pictures to the articles they write. I might do it someday but not right now.

And I had another setback as well. I set up virus scanning as a REST API using Node.js and ClamAV inside a Docker container but that, too, was too much for my droplet. Processor was constantly at 100% and nothing worked. Goodbye security. Kinda.

At the moment the database is only inside the docker container so I am hoping that will be enough for now. Oh and the datebase is separate from the main database just in case.


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