I got 99 problems but time ain’t one

During the past month or so I have had some issues with developing Makro. Or actually programming anything but work. Before yesterday the latest commit was 23 days ago and that is unforgivable. At least for, me it is. The problem has been more with starting to code than coding itself.

I have been working quite a lot during the past three weeks but that’s a lame excuse. I have had plenty of time to further develop Makro but yet I have failed to do so. Luckily yesterday I actually managed to do something. I did the splitting of food related stuff to it’s own service and did some other (minor) stuff as well.

As soon as I actually manage to start the programming it’s fun and enjoyable. But the getting started part has been a bit too big of an obstacle lately. Time to fix that somehow.

In other news, having had a three week break of Makro had some interesting effects. Navigating the codebase was surprisingly hard even though I have written it all by myself. It’s amazing how big of an effect such a short break can have. But it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I expect it all come back to me if (and when) I keep coming back to Makro more often.

I have also pondered about migrating the whole backend to use TypeScript. One service after another. I think I could do that after I implement these couple new features that I have planned in my mind already. Or if I’d be smart I’d do it for the one new service I’m going to do. But since I do know myself a bit too well I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Time will tell.


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