A drop in the ocean

Last night I moved this site to my new droplet and buried the old droplet that used to host all my projects. During the past month I’ve been moving (and dockerizing everything while doing it) to a brand new droplet. I had everything installed directly to the old droplet etc so in the end it ended up being kind of a mess. And on top of that I had increased the disk size to 30gb iirc so the price was a lot more than my new basic one which still has about 7gb space left of the 25gb provided after setting up all my projects.

Dockerizing this site (Django projcet) wasn’t that difficult but I found it rather weird that one couldn’t host the static files (.css etc) with gunicorn but had to setup a separate nginx for them. That caused a bit of confusion and delay while setting everything up. Oh and looks like mysql needs more RAM to work since I couldn’t get it up inside container. It just crashed immediately with memory error. I switched to mariaDB and everything worked perfectly.

Now my new droplet is home of 4 different projects which all have them separate DBs and running inside docker containers. 1 vCPU seems to be more than enough for them but I might have to add more RAM to the server in the near future. Currently RAM usage is hovering around 700mb and the total is 990mb. So adding this site increased the RAM usage by 60-80mbs.

At the moment I am working on new features for Makro and planning a so called sister app for it as well. I might start working on it after I’m done with the planned Q&A portion for Makro. I want it to be kind of like Quora but for more specific topics like food and fitness in general and I’m hoping it will add a bit of social aspect to Makro.


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