Docker Makro nginx

To production and beyond it!

Last thursday I pushed the brand new Makro to production so to speak. It actually went rather smoothly since I already had figured out what I need to do when setting up docker-compose file etc. The only problem that surfaced was that the Lets Encrypt companion app for the jwilder nginx reverse proxy wasn’t able to get certificates. It took me a couple of minutes to realize why that was the case. It was because I already had existing certificates to that address on a diffrent serve. Duh. So it was an easy fix: just removed the old ones.

Version 2 turned out to be quite nice in the end and I am rather happy with the end result. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have any new development planned for it. I’ve got actually a new feature in mind which I’m gonna tackle next and I will probably merge my whole fitness platform idea to Makro as well. But if I decide to do that I will have to first separate the authentication to its own (micro)service just to keep things a bit neater.

I also dockerized Makro and moved it to my new server. Only thing left to dockerize and move to the new server is this site. When I find the time and the motivation to do it I can finally get rid of this old server. But most likely I will just spend my free time developing Makro instead.

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