New projects

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been quite productive for the last couple of weeks. That is because the my work -section looks so damn disappointing that I wanted to do something about it.

First project that I did was a quick mock up for a catering site. I got the idea for that from my friend who has been planning to open up a catering business. It’s a quite simple one but it looks quite nice in my opinion. After I was done with that I realized that I don’t have anything to show of my current skill set (read Angular). It was time to fix that.

I started with backend (Node.js + Express.js) first. After I was done with the boilerplate code for user registration and login I decided to push that to github as a separate project which I can use later on if I need a backend with authentication services.

The project I was doing wasn’t really meant to be big or anything special. Just something to show my current skills. In the end it was around 4000 lines of code which might be the largest project that I have done by myself. But I got it done quite fast though. And of course a part of that 4000 lines is Angular boilerplate etc but I’d argue that I’ve written at least 3000 lines for it still.

So what was the project then? Well almost a year ago a friend of mine asked for a tool for him to use and I’d say I’d do that. And I did. But I did it with Java and I used it as a school project, too. In the end it did not end up being that good and I just never got around of uploading it to the internet for him to use. So I decided to do that again and this time it ought to be a lot better. Far from perfect but still better.

The project is raid management tool for World of Warcraft. It’s not online yet but I’m hoping to get it online during the weekend or next week at the latest. I’ve just had some problems with Docker and setting up nginx reverse proxy.


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