Goodbye sun. Hello darkness my old friend

I am back in business like all the cool kids would say. A lot has changed since the last post but none of the changes had anything to do with my hobby project. Hopefully now that my summer vacation is over and I’m starting to adjust back to my normal routines I’ll be able to do some coding for myself, too.

It’s been surprisingly hard to adjust to working again since my vacation was only 8 days. I think I just got into vacation mode and that’s why it’s been kind of a struggle to start working again. I certainly didn’t hit the ground running as they say. It’s more like I hit the ground face first and been just laying there ever since.

But it’s not that bad as it might sound. I have managed to get work done and I’m slowly starting to come grips with the fact that my holiday is long gone and the next time I’m going to see the sun again is next summer. Unless the next summer is as bad as they usually are here and not like this one which has been suberb.

I think I’ll just chill out this weekend and try to get some sleep. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in like two weeks now and it is really starting to rear its ugly face.

Next Monday I’ll start working on making authentication wtih Go and JSON web tokens to replace my Java based authentication service. Which is going to postpone the frontend development but so be it. I just don’t have it in me to start working on it yet. I want to spoil myself with Golang. I have deserved it.


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