Busy as a bee

Unfortunately I haven’t had any time to devote to my pet project lately. If I’m honest and remember correctly I haven’t made any progress since my last blog post. This so called real life is keeping me real busy at the moment.

I think I could have squeezed an hour or two from other activities to do some coding but I’ve been kinda putting it off since I should start working on the frontend now. For some reason I just can’t seem to push myself to get started on that. I’d rather do something more with Go.

That is rather odd, too. For the past year and a half frontend is the part that I have wanted to start working on and keep working on and backend has been kinda an afterthought. One reason could be that 90% of my time at my job I work on frontend (with Angular). Maybe I’ve just been enjoying Go a bit too much.

Either way I am not going to be able to any programming on my own for the next two weeks. And since I found myself from Azeroth again I might not have any time at all even after that. Like ever.

Just kidding. I hope.

But I really should do some kind of frontend for my project so I could write about it on my page with a picture since I have been planning to push it to GitHub. Although I could use the existing frontend for the picture since no one wouldn’t know the difference.


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