Still Going on

It hasn’t been too long since my last update but since then I have made tremendous progress. When I wrote my last blog post I had two of my planned 7 services ready(there’s still lot to do with them but ready enough for now). Fast forward six days and I’ve made three more. Of course the last two to be made are going to be the hardest and ones that require more work than the other five combined. At least I think so but we’ll see.

Some changes I’ve made:

I rewrote the first service I did to use GORM as well to keep the project cohesive. It made the service a little neater, too.

I made changes to my token validation on authentication service (the one made with Spring Boot). Before it just returned true or false if the token in question was valid or not but now if it is valid it will actually send the role of the user to the asking service as well. Then I had to modify the existing services to use the newly returned user role to check if the user actually has the rights to access the resource in question.

Now that the backend is in quite nice shape I can start learning React and Redux to start making the front end. I could take the easy way out and use the existing front end I made with Angular 6 (which is far from ready) and continue developing that but I really do want to learn to use React and Redux. Those seem to be in huge demand and React is the only one of the three most popular JavaScript frameworks that I don’t really have any experience on. I do like Angular but I’m not the biggest fan of managing state in services. We shall see what it is like with Redux (if I ever manage to wrap my head around it).

PS. I am quite positive that I will ditch the Spring Boot authentication service entirely some day and use Go for that, too. Like I’ve said before I don’t understand it so good at the moment and that can’t be good, can it?


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