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My friend JavaScript Object Notation

One of the best (and probably worst) things of working with Node is that it’s just JavaScript. Why is that a good thing given the reputation of JS? For me it has to be the native support of JSON. It makes sending and receiving data from server to client such a breeze.

It’s not that it is something like borderline impossible to work with JSON with other languages but I find it a lot more difficult. Especially with statically typed languages such as Java. It’s not such a big thing when the JSON in question is simple but the more complex it is the harder it gets. Or I am doing something really wrong (which wouldn’t be a surprise given my less-than-average [programming] skills).

Not so long ago I ended up making a endpoint for receiving data from client at work. The JSON isn’t even that complex but I ended up having a lot of problems with it anyways. Actually by the time I am writing this it is not ready so eveyrthing might change later on. But anyways. The JSON in question looks something like this:


“key”: [ {“name”: “example”, “value”: “123”}, {“name”: “example2”, “value”: “1233”} ],

“key2”: [ {“name”: “example3”, “value”: “12”}, {“name”: “example4”, “value”: “1”} ]


The arrays were longer of course but you get the gist. So that ended up to being this in Java:

ArrayList< HashMap < String, ArrayList < CustomJavaClass>>>

Not that pretty. And on top of that I have some serious problems deciding the types what to use but that is most likely because of my limited knowledge of Java data types. I hope that this gets easier when I get more experience with Java.

EDIT: Scratch that. I decided to make a wrapper class. The class has two properties:
HashMap< String, String> and ArrayList< CustomJavaClass>

Made things a lot easier.

PS. My project is getting along rather nicely. I will write about it more soon. Maybe.

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