Such shiny. Much interesting.

What I really dislike about myself is that I seem to be unable to focus properly on one thing at a time. I get excited about something, start doing that and five minutes later I see some other shiny thingy and I just have to start chasing that and so on. A great example of this lovely behavior is my inability to pick a (programming) language and stick with it.

I have talked about JavaScript, Java, Python and their frameworks in this blog. How I plan to learn them and use them in my projects. I’ve done that only with JavaScript so far to be honest. Yeah, I have done some minor things with both Java and Python but nothing really worth mentioning.

Now with this new project I have managed to switch technologies twice already and I’ve barely even started it. First I said that I’m going to use Django, Django Rest Framework, React and Redux. Then I switched from React + Redux to Angular 6. And now? I ditched Django and DRF for Node and Express. So why on earth did I actually do that given that I was so enthusiastic about it just like a week ago?

I made the switch because I was stupid enough not to get it work like I wanted to. I hit a wall when I tried to make a couple of registration endpoints paired with two different user models. I just couldn’t get it to work and I didn’t manage to find help from the almighty internet. I am sure that is a trivial task for people with normal IQ but for me it seemed impossible. After I spent somewhere between 5-10 hours hacking that (and smashing my head against a wall) I decided to switch tech.

It’s not like I just quit because I wasn’t able to solve the problem I had but more like because I have very limited time to use on my projects and I felt that I was going nowhere. I need to be productive during the little time I have to spare. So Node was a natural choice because I’ve used it before and I am productive with it.

So now my new project is going to be made with pretty much the same tech as my biggest project so far (which seems so small now btw) but instead of MongoDB I am using PostgreSQL and Vue is changed to Angular. But I guess it’s better to be as fluent as possible with one language (even though that language is JavaScript) than mediocre in five.

But I would be lying if I said that my mind is firmly set on Node. Because I do see one shiny thingy in the horizon that just seems to pull me towards itself. Everyone says great things about it. Personally I think it would be a great way to futureproof oneself. They say that it has clean syntax and that is simple. They also say that it is easy to learn. We’ll see about that last part. Although I guess everything is easy when you already know how to code properly and aint a retard like me.

Yeah you guessed right. I am talking about Go(lang). That I really do want to learn. But at the moment I really don’t have any time to “waste” on learning it and figuring out how everything works because I want to get a proper project done so that I’d have something to show and tell when I’m asked what have I done.


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