I’m so excited

I have struggled a lot to come up with a new interesting project that I could do and improve my skills while doing that. It has actually been always a problem for me. It’s really hard to figure out what to do that would be both interesting to do and useful (for me or others). And on top of that it should be a good project for learning stuff and ideally at least a medium sized project.

I have had a few ideas but usually they are not that interesting or useful or they are just too small. I mean there is nothing wrong with small projects but I’ve been looking for at least a medium size project. But finally I can stop racking my brain and googling for projects to do. It took me a while but now I have a great idea that could potentially be (if done right) really useful for quite a lot of people. But more importantly it is a really interesting idea and I’d say it’s at least medium.

If you still remember ‘Makro’ this new one is is like three times of that at the bare minimum. For the new project I am going to use Django and Django Rest Framework for the backend and database engine of choice is PostgreSQL. For the front end I was planning to use React + Redux. All of these technologies are chosed because I have almost no experience with them and those are things that I want to learn.

Yes, yes, I still want to learn Spring Boot but I decided to focus on Django first since it seems a lot simpler to grasp and because I’m not that smart. I’ve started modeling the database already (which is really fun) using a free online tool called DbDesigner. I also started making task list using Trello to keep track of things that I need to do and what I have done already.

Unfortunately I probably don’t have any time during the weekend to make any progress with this because I am planning to finish couple of course for school. After those two I’d have only two course and thesis left to do. After those are done I ought to have more time to do this. But for now I’ll just have to settle for an hour or so per day.


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