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Not too long ago I switched jobs (again) but hopefully for the last time (at least for a few years). Now I finally get to do for a living what I love to do which is code. Officially my title now is Software Engineer but I don’t feel worthy of it. Not yet at least.

I applied for a full stack JavaScript position but the current gig I’m involved with is not full stack JS. I am mostly responsible for front end with my colleague and we’re using Angular 4 for that. But the backend is going to be Java with Spring Boot and I think I am expected to get my hands dirty with that as well. Both (Angular & Spring Boot) are quite new to me and I’ve been trying to learn them as much as possible.

Fortunately Angular does not feel that difficult since I have used Vue.js quite a lot in my own projects. But what has been and still is quite hard to grasp is the code base. It differs so much from my own projects (shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone) but really did not expect to be that different. So I have been struggling lately. As you might know Angular is usually used with Typescript and I really, really like that. I am planning to use that from now on even in my own projects (started to do that already). And I think I am trying to switch to Java ( & Spring MVC / Boot), too.


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