A blast from the past

Not so long a go I got an email which was a review of how I spent my time during 2017.

Sometime at the beginning of June last year I installed RescueTime to my laptop which I mainly use for development and school stuff. RescueTime logs the time you spent on different things in the background and then reports it to you weekly.

So from June to December I spent 521 hours on my laptop and from those 521 hours 462 was count as productive hours. 27 hours was count as distracting.

From those productive hours 317 was count towards software development. I am quite happy about it. 58 hours and 20 minutes was spent for category labeled as ‘Reference’ which I think stands for websites like StackOverflow etc.

Whole report:

Software Development 317h

Reference 58h 20m

Communication & Scheduling 33h 41m

Design & Composition 29h 9m

Uncategorized 23h 58m

General Utilities 20h 32m

Entertainment 16h 38m

Business 11h 18m

News 5h 48m

Social Networking 3h 8m

Shopping 1h 29m

That entertainment took me by surprise but I think that comes from watching YouTube tutorials.

PS. My 100 days of code -challenge has started really great. I have a new project that I am working on and my GitHub commit streak just keeps getting longer and longer.


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