New Year and 100 days of code challenge

My New Year’s resolution was to do the 100 days of code challenge.

It’s pretty simple: spend an hour coding every day for the next 100 days and tweet your progress every day with #100DaysOfCode hashtag. I am not going to tweet since I don’t really use Twitter but I will (and have coded) for an hour every day. I didn’t start the first of January though. Decided to do some Netflix and chill with girlfriend instead.

Since I started the second of January the last day of this challenge will be.. umm.. well 100 days from that. And because I am not going to bother with Twitter I will be updating my progress here every now and then. So far I have used my hour per day for trying to make Makro more responsive so it would be usable with mobile devices as well. I have made good progress already but there is still quite lot to do. But I have at least 96 days left to accomplish my goal.


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