My 2017 summed up (from end to beginning):

The mobile app ended up being my last project for this year. Towards the end of this year I had less and less time to spent on coding and more and more of excuses for not having time to sit in front of my laptop and just code something. I finally eliminated one excuse (not having ideas for projects) and so my new years promise is to code even more next year. And even though I did not manage to do programming as much as I originally planned I am happy about how this year turned out be – it was far from perfect but not a disaster either.

I was planning to use React Native to make an app for Makro. But now I have decided against it. At least for now. Why is that though? I had a course in school where we were required to make a mobile application and I tried to use React native. I ended up making a really simple app with locates the user, saves the address to database and gives the user possibility to do a Wikipedia search based on the city you are in and return 10 articles for the user to read. I did not enjoy the process of making the app. Granted, it was my first time dealing with React Native but for me it did not seem to have any logic in it. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not. The fault was probably somewhere in my code but I was not able to find it. I think I’ll just try to make as responsive web page as I possibly can for Makro as soon as I have time for it.

I made a switch from Atom to VSCode for no reason at all. But I started immediately like it a lot more than Atom.

At the end of autumn I finally got around to use Java for a real project. Friend of mine had a need and idea for a (web) app and asked me to do it. I decided to use Java since I needed a project for my school course. I almost started liking Java while coding. I’ll most likely try to use it in my next project as well. My biggest gripe with it is being stuck with Eclipse (or Netbeans) and I really do not like it. It’s sluggish to use and doesn’t seem to be able to intend code at all. It probably can but I’m just too stupid to figure out how. To be honest I haven’t really put time or effort to learn it.

During autumn I learned the basics of Java and relational databases by doing small projects for school.

By the end of summer I had started working on Makro to get a better grasp of MEVN-stack and to get free calorie counter for myself.

I spent the summer learning Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB by making full-stack web apps.

First I made a portfolio, searchable list of my movie ratings from IMDb and a self playing game with Vue.js. Then I remade them as fully fledged web apps with a ‘proper’ backend.

From February to May I was learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript by making basic websites starting with CV, kind of portfolio, website for my band, a better portfolio (with the help of jQuery).

In January I started school and a couple of weeks later got the spark to start learning programming.


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