Finished product

Back when I started coding Makro I couldn’t wait till I’d be finished and could upload it to the internet for people to test and use. Now it’s been available for couple of months and it has 101 registered users (by the time I’m writing this) but it’s still far from finished. It is perfectly usable (probably few bugs here and there though) but it still quite isn’t what I dreamed and planned it to be.

First and foremost it is not really usable with phone. Actually I wasn’t really planning to make it usable with phones but I did plan to do an app for it with React Native. And now couple of months later I’ve yet to even start that project. It’s not like I don’t want to but I lack the time to get on with it. I got a lot of school projects going on at the moment and I’m going to switch jobs in couple of weeks which means that I have had to learn basics of some new stuff (Ansible & Jenkins) and of course do my job. Hopefully I’ll have time to start working on the Makro app during the beginning of next year but we’ll see.

Even after this year I’ll have around half of my school courses left. I’d like to improve this blog as well. The things that I have in mind are minor stuff and shouldn’t be hard to implement (knock knock) like listing of posts to the side and maybe some kind of bio & info section, too. I’ve been thinking of moving this to a separate domain as well but don’t know if it is worth it. It does cost money and it is not like I have a lot of readers anyways. But as you can see even this is far from finished.

So my question is: is there ever a finished product in software development? Or is it always a work in progress?


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