New portfolio is up and running

Today I made a new portfolio site for myself. This is actually third version now. There isn’t that many changes compared to the previous one but I finally decided to implement blogging possibility to it. This blog will most likely focus a lot on my programming projects and stuff related to those. So probably a great deal of the content will be about coding. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d decide to write blog posts of other aspects of my life.

I had some minor issues setting this up on DigitalOcean server. It was because I am using only one droplet (at the moment) to host both this and That meant that I had to setup nginx for this one as well and that had some tiny complications. Fortunately I managed to resolve them all and this is up and running now (as you can see). I’m not quite sure about the styling of this site yet. It is a bit bland so maybe I’ll manage to do something to that. Or not. Web design has never been my strong suit and I seriously doubt that it never will be. I have never been good with colors or with anything even related to arts. I think this is enough for the first post. It’s getting late (10 pm) and I got to get up early to do some coding.


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